Did you know you’re a theologian? I did. So am I. That’s not as special and rare as it sounds. The reality is that everyone is a theologian. Everyone has a belief about God. He exists. He doesn’t exist. He is actually a she. There’s not just one. There’s only one. There’s one, but that(...) [Link]
I spent a lot of time in this seat this week. Easter week is one of the toughest weeks of the year for most church techs. Typically, we’re gearing up for a bigger than normal service on Easter (and typically more of them). Many of us also have a Good Friday service or three to produce. And for some reason, it seems that the rest of the church staff has no idea that our workload goes up by 50% this week and so all kinds of other stuff gets scheduled between Palm Sunday and Easter just for fun.I have had ... [Link]
The Easter service is coming up on us fast and if you do not have the whole thing finished and polished, we want to give you guys some great Easter resources to make your service that much better. Here are 10 resources that will cover all parts of your church’s Easter Sunday service, including free motion graphics, small groups to watch the streaming sermon, mini movies to help lead into your sermon, and more. 1) Easter Graphic Set This is a great cost-effective graphic set for any church that is low on a budget but does not have the time ... [Link]
Building on the foundation of the successful Vi series consoles, the Vi3000 goes one step further. Rather than having processing and I/O in racks, the Vi3000 puts it all in one package, and does so at a great price point. A new graphics package updates the look and there is plenty of expansion. Learn more at the preview website. Today's post is brought to you by Pacific Coast Entertainment. Pacific Coast Entertainment is the premier event production company servicing Southern California and the western states. PCE offers a complete line of Lighting, Audio, Video, and Staging equipment for rentals, sales ... [Link]
Yeah, I know the title of the show is ChurchTechWeekly, but we had a bit of a delivery problem yesterday. Due to some bad traffic and an unscheduled inspection, our rental order arrived about 6 hours later than I planned. Which meant install went 6 hours longer than planned. Which led to no CTW.But hey, you're all busy this week preparing for Easter anyway. We'll be back next week, and we have a great panel lined up.Have a great Easter week! [Link]
As someone who works in ministry but also values technology, you understand why having an effective digital presence is critical for churches. However, there are probably people in your church who don’t understand why your church’s website is so important. Despite the fact that 70 percent of your church’s first-time guests will visit your website before they decide to attend, some church leaders can’t make the connection between your digital presence and ministry effectiveness. This can be a tough change for some leaders because they remember a day when churches didn’t have websites and dynamic online content. Tracking your church’s ... [Link]
The Pix 270 and 250 are new, upgraded versions of the 260 and 240 we saw a few years ago. Outfitted with up to 64 channels of audio via MADI or Dante, these are powerful video recorders. Additionally, multiple units can be sync'd together for simultaneous record and playback. Learn more at www.sounddevices.com. Today's post is brought to you by myMix. myMix is an intuitive, easy-to-use personal monitor mixing and multi-track recording system that puts each user in control of their own mix! myMix features two line-level balanced 1/4" TRS outputs and one 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone output, the ability to ... [Link]
Every week, I lead a small group of teenagers at a bible study. Every week I start with the same questions. Keep that in mind, we’ll come back. Years ago I was a part of a small group of college students. From that small group, a church grew up. One of the first things we(...) [Link]
It’s slightly alarming that 2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans. Crazy to believe this, yet look around your house and you’ll probably see the stats are true. Between myself, my husband, and our four kids (who are not all old enough to own their own devices) we have two smartphones, an iPad, two Kindles, three computers, and two iPods–that’s eight internet devices! That’s not even counting old devices that have been tossed in a drawer never to see the light of day again. How do you consume the internet? Fixed Broadband: 40% ... [Link]
On the heels of the highly successful CL series, Yamaha releases the new QL. The QL desks are very similar to the CL only at a lower price point and with more built-in I/O. It's a great value of a desk, and packed with most of the features of the CL. To learn more, visit their website at www.yamahaca.com Today's post is brought to you by Heil Sound. Established in 1966, Heil Sound Ltd. has developed many professional audio innovations over the years, and is currently a world leader in the design and manufacture of large diaphragm dynamic, professional grade ... [Link]
If you’ve wrestled even a tiny bit with the excess of America’s culture in light of what it means to be a believer in Christ, 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, just may ignite your passion to pursue the why behind the what, and reevaluate decisions you make from how you spend your time to what technology you use to what you throw in your trash can. This being the first Jen Hatmaker book I’ve read, I came to this book after hear many different friends echo that it changed their way of viewing the resources God has entrusted to ... [Link]
That’s right. I’m closing the door on Throwback Thursdays for now. No, I’ll still write on Thursdays. I’m just changing the scope of writing to line up with the rest of this site. I’ll probably do some more on technology and theology here. That’s about all I have for now. Side note, it’s great to(...) [Link]
We're live from NAB! Our panel of experts brings us up to speed on some cool 4K video walls, the Blackmagic Studio Camera, Avid Everywhere, new switchers from Ross & Sony and much more. More... Today's post is brought to you by Pivitec.Pivitec redefines the Personal Monitor Mixing System by offering components that are Flexible, Precise and Expandable. Ideal for any application from Touring and Live Production to fixed installation in theaters and Houses of Worship. [Link]
Chris Thomas has been an entrepreneur waiting to happen his entire life. Like many of us who have entrepreneurial leanings, he’s had his share of good and bad ideas, but a year ago something started to stick. He had been trying to figure out how to combine his love for handmade products from the South with his natural affinity for curating interesting things other people haven’t yet discovered. The end result is Made South, a quarterly subscription service that delivers interesting surprises from Southern makers. Chris gets that everything is marketing now and his first Made South shipment revealed this ... [Link]
Develop an Initial BudgetAudio-Video-Lighting systems are expensive. There is just no getting around it. Even small systems can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, while large systems for rooms seating 2,000-3,000+ can easily run into the millions. One of the biggest mistakes I see churches making when embarking on a remodel or building project is not setting realistic budgets. I think this is due to a general lack of understanding of what the technology costs, and how many little—and often expensive—pieces need to be added to make everything work. As a quick example, in our little project to ... [Link]
I have a friend, John. John does some really cool things, he’s super smart, and he’s been very helpful in terms of thinking through technology. He wrote a book that you should read. I’m telling you this, because historically I haven’t thought about technology as broad as I do now. What I mean is that,(...) [Link]
The sermon is just about to start. As you peruse the congregation, you notice that multiple people have the nerve to pull out their smart phones or tablets and get online. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do? According to the Barna Research Group, 6 out of 10 students will leave the church. Now there are many theories out there as to why so many students are leaving the church of their youth and never returning. The question is what do we do? What. Do. We. Do? I think one answer is found in technology. It’s not the only ... [Link]
We’re continuing on in our series of AVL renovation. I should point out that almost all of this applies to new builds as well—though I hear from more churches who are upgrading and remodeling than building. Last time we talked about design, or more accurately, where in the design process the AVL guys should be brought in (answer: early!). Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most oft forgotten aspects of an AVL system renovation: Defining the system objectives. Put another way, what do you want the system to do?Don’t Ask the Wrong QuestionsI hear from churches all ... [Link]
Would it surprise you to learn that, of the churches recently surveyed by Giving Rocket, only 14 percent were meeting or exceeding budget? Knowing that churches rely entirely on donations to survive, not meeting the annual budget means critical mission work is in jeopardy of being underfunded. Fundraising for any non-profit organization has, and always will, present challenges because the root of its failures typically stems from poor communication. Conversely, successful communication is one of the key attributes of any organization, but especially churches. The most common synonym for “successful” is “accomplishment”. Is your church ‘accomplishing’, or exceeding its budget? ... [Link]
Just some of the new conduits we're adding. And this is just a renovation; we already have a bunch in there! Since we’re close to embarking on a pretty significant renovation of our main sanctuary at Coast Hills, I thought I would kick off a series on successful renovations. This comes not only from my own experience, but from dozens of others. Just about every month I receive at least one e-mail about a church doing a renovation; and often it’s not going well.The reasons renovations, or new builds for that matter, don’t go well are not really complicated. The ... [Link]