Portions of the rebuild are up and running, so I’m considering the site live. Here are a few updates:

  • Rather than have the site create a feed of the aggregated links, it will be geared toward current posts in the Church Tech Blog world. This should encourage everyone to subscribe to the feeds that interest them, rather than be overwhelmed by the amount of posts an aggregated feed might produce.
  • The site will still produce a feed, but only for site related updates such as this one.
  • For now, the most recent 20(ish) posts will appear on the front page. I’m working on creating an archive which should offer some nice backlinks, but need to do some troubleshooting on it.
  • Posts from other blogs will only appear with the permission of the blog authors. If you would like to suggest your blog, or have yours removed, please let me know.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments.